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The Dream of Detroit from the vision of Mark Crain

“Commitment to family, business acumen, passion for the Woodrow Wilson community, and Islamic faith have converged to drive transformative change in the heart of Detroit. “

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Dream Street Fair returns to Dexter Linwood neighborhood 

“Dream of Detroit is hosting its fourth DREAM Street Fair in the Dexter Linwood neighborhood on August 12 from noon-8 p.m.”

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This Detroit neighborhood is using the community land trust model to help ensure affordable housing

“Tasneem Joseph sits on the steps of the Indus Detroit Artist Residency, located on Detroit’s west side. This residency is now a part of the Dream of Detroit community land trust.”

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How Neighborhoods Are Using Community Land Trusts to Slow Gentrification

“Mark Crain, left, executive Director at Dream of Detroit talks community organizing with housing and land developments into a multi-purpose CLT.”

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Detroit group working to break barriers to homeownership through land-trust model

“A local organization is finding solutions to Detroit’s housing crisis.  Only about one in five Detroiters who complete home-buyer education with agencies certified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development were able to purchase a home, according to a study by the University of Michigan. Poor credit was cited as one of the largest barriers to homeownership. That’s where Dream of Detroit comes in. The organization is working to break down those barriers through a ‘land-trust’ model.”

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Dream of Detroit privately takes on neighborhood redevelopment

“The latest Dream of Detroit program coming to fruition is Project Homecoming. Set in a renovated five-bedroom house, the transitional home offers lodging, community, and job and entrepreneurial training to Muslim men returning from time incarcerated.”

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‘Day of Dignity’ in Detroit served with empathy

“They came by foot, if they lived nearby and were physically able. They came by bus, if they were not. But one way or another, around 2,000 people, most of whom were poor or homeless, arrived Saturday to Detroit’s Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center for a “day of dignity” meant to uplift both giver and receiver.”

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How a cross-cultural coalition is making a ‘Dream of Detroit’ real in one Motor City neighborhood

“Things are looking up in Detroit’s Dexter-Linwood area these days. Neighbors and stakeholders have been working together to improve the area, rebuilding once-blighted homes, and planning a new commercial kitchen-restaurant.”

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WBEZ Worldview

Muslim-Led Multiracial Coalition Reviving Detroit’s West Side

“Worldview is on the road this week, exploring how issues we typically cover in a local and global context play out across the Midwest and the Great Lakes region. We’re in Detroit today, and heard from Mark Crain of Dream of Detroit, a Muslim-led community development initiative on the west side of the city. The organization was initially formed out of a partnership between organizations that represented African-American and South Asian Muslims. Dream of Detroit is manually rehabilitating disused housing, encouraging entrepreneurship and engaging in community organizing with the ultimate aim of creating a neighborhood where residents can access locally grown food, contribute to and benefit from small businesses and feel a sense of community.”

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Homepage - Kresge Foundation

Kresge awards record $2.4 million to 25 community projects across Detroit

“The Kresge Foundation today announced a record $2.4 million in grants to 25 nonprofit community organization across the foundation’s hometown through its Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit initiative (KIP:D).”

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Diffused Congruence: Michigan Roundtable

The Nation: Can This Muslim Community Create a Model for Rebuilding Detroit?

“Dream of Detroit is uniting Muslims across race and background to rebuild one of the city’s long-neglected neighborhoods.”

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The Mad Mamluks Podcast

“Mahin, SIM and Sh. Amir sit down with Mark Crain Director of Dream of Detroit.”

Sapelo Square: Profile: Mark Crain and the DREAM of Detroit

“For a lot of people, Detroit represents something negative. People who have never stepped foot onto her tough soil vehemently proclaim they do not want their city to “become Detroit.” What does it mean to “become Detroit?” To “become Detroit” is to see and work towards a full potential. It’s to look past the toughest of obstacles and rebuild communities unique from the status quo. The “Detroit vs. Everybody” spirit is Black, bold, and resilient. It’s this spirit that has motivated Mark Crain his entire life.”

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The Guardian: ‘You can’t make us be foreign’: young Muslim leaders who were shaped by 9/11

“Four young, active Muslim community leaders talk about their work, after growing up in a climate of Islamophobia in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks”

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In the Mix with Marie Osborne and Rochelle Riley

Patheos: Ramadan Reflections – An Urban Muslim Village to Raise My Kids

“A community where neighbors benefit from one another’s experiences and knowledge. Where an immigrant mother is mentored through navigating the American health system while teaching an indigenous mother homeopathic remedies from her own country. And, as I reflect on those desires, I’m thankful to be a part of Dream of Detroit (or DREAM), an initiative working toward building such a place.”

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Detroit Free Press: A Metro Muslim Wants to Change Your Mind

“This is the story of a Pakistani Muslim from Ann Arbor — a radiologist by trade, an average American by right, a regular Joe who doesn’t always go to mosque with his wife and children — on a mission to redefine how people see Muslims: He is helping to rebuild a broken Detroit neighborhood near a black Muslim mosque.”

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Detroit Free Press: Man Builds Trust, Homes, Legacy in Detroit

“The project Ullah is helping to fund in Detroit mimics one done by the Inner City Muslim Action Network, which offered a tour during the 2010 Islamic Society of North America conference in Chicago. The network wanted to showcase what was being done with donations in a single area on the city’s south side.”

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