Economic Development


ProsperUS Detroit Entrepreneurship Training

DREAM is a host site for the ProsperUS Detroit Entrepreneur Training Program and in the last 5 years, we’ve graduated 65 aspiring entrepreneurs from our workshops.

The training consists of 11 sessions of instruction, and 10 hours of one-on-one counseling all with an experienced entrepreneur trainer. Pictured here is one of our graduation ceremonies, where students get to share their visions with friends and family, as well as sell their products and services.

DREAM Street Fair

The DREAM Street Fair has become an annual event on Woodrow Wilson Street. Every August, we shut down two blocks and every local institution gets involved.

At our last fair, we had over 60 vendors and 2000 attendees, with performances from the legendary Hardcore Detroit b-boy/b-girl crew, local favorites like Lu Fuki and Divine Providence, and Grammy-nominated poet Amir Sulaiman.

A Vision for Woodrow Wilson Street

Woodrow Wilson was once a busy street lined with businesses and apartment buildings. We see a day where this street is again a thriving economic corridor, lined by ethical and eco-friendly businesses. We’re creating that future with our neighbors every day.

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- Imam W.D. Mohammed