DREAM Storytelling Project

The DREAM Storytelling Project is a product of various social justice efforts and the legacy of community organizers who have dedicated their time and resources in uplifting their community. It is the continuation of this legacy, highlighting the work of the Black/ African-American Muslim and interfaith community in rebuilding this neighborhood, that makes it so impactful. Dream of Detroit’s work in promoting inclusion, equity, and justice is a testament to the community’s resilience and unyielding spirit.


Our Storyteller interviews featured people from across generations, with an emphasis on elders in our community who have given in service for many years. They were conducted by a team of eight young interns, high school and college-aged, who learned the process of ethnographic interviewing as well as skills in videography. By working with professionals like anthropologist Dr. Alisa Perkins, radio, TV and film producer Malikah Shabazz, and documentary-maker Razi Jafri, we prepared these eight interns to produce the best content possible.

See more photos from DREAM Storytelling Project Sankofa Event 

View recordings from the oral history archives here

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"The true life that God wants for all people—not one people—their true life is a life of cooperation… community life!"
- Imam W.D. Mohammed