Community Organizing Training

DREAM trains our volunteer leaders in modern organizing techniques, using learnings from Marshall Ganz, Inner-City Muslim Action Network, Faith in Action, the New Organizing Institute, and decades of collective experience. We layer in stories and examples from the prophetic narrative to equip our leaders with the skills and inspiration to make a difference in their community.

Coalition for Property Tax Justice

From 2011-2015, a quarter of Detroit’s homes were driven into property tax foreclosure, the vast majority of which occurred after having been over-assessed by the city. The damage done by the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction to Detroit’s neighborhoods can never be underset-stated.

Today, our coalition is focused on stopping the continued over-assessments, preventing owner-occupied homes from being auctioned, and providing a path to compensation and dignity restoration to the tens of thousands of Detroit’s who lost their homes after illegal over-assessments from the city.

Dream Community Association

Every community has its strengths and challenges, and the DREAM Community Association is no different. However, what makes this neighborhood unique is the strong sense of connection and determination among its residents. The Dream Community Association started as the Longfellow Block Club over five years ago, but has since grown into a city-registered, area-wide neighborhood association. We are dedicated to improving our community and building relevance and influence. While independent from Dream of Detroit, we work in close partnership.

Monthly Meetings: The Dream Community Association holds monthly meetings where residents gather to discuss community issues, neighborhood events, and new initiatives. These meetings are an important opportunity for residents to make their voices heard and to collaborate on projects that are important to them. We also invite local officials and business owners to these meetings to stay updated on important community issues and to build relationships with our neighbors.

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"The true life that God wants for all people—not one people—their true life is a life of cooperation… community life!"
- Imam W.D. Mohammed