In 2018, Dream of Detroit, a local community organization focused on housing and economic development around the Muslim Center of Detroit, will host two full-time Summer Fellows from June 27 – August 28.

These fellows, between the ages of 16 to 21, will work closely with DREAM’s core leaders to drive forward essential projects over an eight-week period. The fellows will get exposure to the community development landscape in Detroit, visit city landmarks, meet with prominent community members, and be mentored by successful young professionals. They’ll also receive a modest stipend for their time and commitment, and will qualify for community service hours. Upon completion of the fellowship, participants will receive a formal recognition and be eligible for letters of recommendation as needed.

The responsibilities of the Summer Fellows will include, but may not be limited to:

Timeline for the fellowship:

Email info@dreamofdetroit.org with any questions

Porch Light Campaign Sign-Up
LED lights use less electricity and are therefore much cheaper to use than incandescent or CFL light bulbs.
I understand that having the porch light on overnight will require usage of electricity and I will be charged for this electricity usage by my utility provider.

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"The true life that God wants for all people—not one people—their true life is a life of cooperation… community life!"
- Imam W.D. Mohammed