Become a sponsor for the Dream of Detroit Street Fair!

We need your help to make this an amazing community street fair. Each sponsorship level comes with a benefit package. Please make your selection and fill out the registration and payment form. If you have any questions, please contact DREAM Street Fair Coordinator Fatima Kebe at 313-214-2870 or edc@dreaomofdetroit.org.

$10,000 Platinum Level Sponsorship Benefits

$5,000 Gold Level Sponsorship Benefits

$2,500 Silver Level Sponsorship Benefits

$1,000 Gold Level Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Registration Form

DREAM MBA Membership Form
(Idea, research, on pause, launching, running, etc)
The DREAM MBA is organized into five categories. Please select which area you would like to help and a representative from the Economic Development Chair will be in touch.

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- Imam W.D. Mohammed