Asalaamu alaikum! Peace be upon you.

On Monday night, we hosted our first session of the ProsperUS Detroit Entrepreneur Training Program! Our students are a dynamic group coming from unique backgrounds. Each has their own aspirations but on Monday they committed to helping each other take their businesses to another level over the next 20 weeks.

We won’t update you every week about the class, but we wanted you to see this inspiring group of students.

The firefighter who wants to open a gym. The wedding and event planner who’s ready for her own storefront. The chocolatier and the chef looking to break into the restaurant business. These are the types of entrepreneurs our neighborhood will need if we’re going to achieve our vision. Please pray for their success!

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Peace and blessings,

The Dream of Detroit team

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"The true life that God wants for all people—not one people—their true life is a life of cooperation… community life!"
- Imam W.D. Mohammed