Join us on April 21 for Spring Cleaning. We’ll be cleaning up the blocks between Davison and Glendale, and the Lodge to 14th Street. Together, we’ll:

  1. Pick up every piece of loose garbage we can find
  2. Cut down the grass, weeds (and even full-grown trees) in overgrown lots
  3. Board up vacant homes
  4. Haul off garbage and debris
2018 Street Fair Vendor Registration Form
The City of Detroit requires vendors to buy a special events selling license for the Dream of Detroit Street Fair. This license cost $115 but it is included in the vendor registration fee of $80 for food vendors and $50 for merchandise vendors. Please answer the questions below. Dream of Detroit will send your information to the City of Detroit to acquire each vendor's special event selling license. If your business is using the booth only to pass out information, a selling license is not required and you may skip this section.

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