ProsperUS Entrepreneur Training Program

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Want to expand your small business? Have a great business idea but need help getting started? ProsperUS Detroit is here to support Detroit entrepreneurs. We offer an Entrepreneur Training Program and entrepreneur support services.

The training consists of 11 sessions of instruction, 1 graduation, and 10 hours of one-on-one counseling all with an experienced entrepreneur trainer. Entrepreneurs will meet once a week for 2 hours with 7-12 other entrepreneurs to learn and explore. After graduation support services are available. Graduates of the training are eligible to apply for technical assistance and/or micro-loans.

Apply for the ProserUS Detroit Entrepreneurship Training Institute hosted at the Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center, in partnership with Dream of Detroit.

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How We Work With Entrepreneurs

ProsperUS Detroit builds long-term working relationships with entrepreneurs, providing relevant services at each stage of business development. This comprehensive, high-touch approach distinguishes ProsperUS from other community-development organizations.
Three principles inform the way ProsperUS Detroit delivers these comprehensive services. The principles are often as important to an entrepreneur’s success as the availability of services themselves.

Creating Culturally Competent Accessibility – ProsperUS staff members reflect and understand the ethnic and cultural communities they serve. This makes ProsperUS an accessible organization, and allows it to develop respectful, trusting relationships with clients over time. Locating trainings within the community, scheduling activities when people are most able to take advantage of them, and providing materials, training and ongoing support in the entrepreneur’s native language further enhance accessibility.

Building Supportive, Long-Term Relationships – ProsperUS Detroit focuses on building supportive, long-term relationships that can weather the inevitable challenges that face small businesses in low-income communities. Because its goal is community revitalization, ProsperUS Detroit strives to preserve struggling businesses. Rather than mailing out an impersonal collection letter at the first sign of trouble, ProsperUS staff members discuss the situation face-to-face with the entrepreneur, with a focus on solving problems and helping the business thrive.

Developing Accountable Community Leaders – ProsperUS Detroit believes entrepreneurs have great potential to become community leaders and role models. ProsperUS Detroit regularly celebrates the successes of its clients with award ceremonies and community events that include community members, families and friends of entrepreneurs and business owners. ProsperUS also holds entrepreneurs accountable to make good use of the support they receive on behalf of the wider community, encouraging them to hire locally, to work collaboratively with other local businesses, and to see themselves as part of a broader revitalization effort.

Visit the ProsperUS Detroit website here.

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Kecia Escoe

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