A.J. Hunt Club

Offering jewelry and home decor, email for inquiries.

Harris Khan Photography
Freelance Photographer

Harris Khan Photography offers Personal Photoshoots (Modeling) and Corporate & Personal Event Photography (i.e. Company Picnics, Engagement Parties, etc).
Call (248) 982-2546, email, or check out the official Facebook and Instagram page at Harris Khan Photography.

(248) 982-2546
MKAI Designs
Sells art paintings and offers art consultation services.

The acrylic painting you see is titled: “And The Sun Runs to its Resting Place”

MKAI Designs
Malia Kai Salaam, Owner

Where creative ideas are born and nurtured to maturity. Art consulting, original paintings on canvas by commission, interior decorating services.
Follow MKAI Designs on social media:
Twitter- @MaliaKai1

Violet Touch
Freelance photography

Email about your project needs to receive a quote.