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Dream of Detroit is a Muslim-led initiative that’s combining community organizing with strategic housing and land development to build a healthy community and empower marginalized neighborhoods.

Founded by two allied organizations, Detroit-based Neighborly Needs, Inc. and the suburban-based Indus Community Action Network (iCAN), Dream of Detroit exemplifies the spirit of intra-community cooperation that powers the Michigan Muslim community.

Neighborly Needs was established several years ago to strengthen urban communities by providing charitable assistance as well as developing and implementing self help projects that address urgent community problems and needs. iCAN strives to make a positive change in the lives of Pakistani Americans, Muslims Americans and the community at large in America. In housing development, the two organizations saw a common goal and potential for a significant partnership.

That partnership was birthed in 2012 and Dream of Detroit’s first renovated property, a three-bedroom, two-floor home on Waverly Street was completed in August of 2013. We are currently preparing to rehabilitate or build properties on five more Waverly lots in phase one of our project and ultimately anticipate re-developing a major swath of the Dexter-Linwood community. We are building each property with the intention of placing our residents on a swift path toward homeownership and thereby building long-term equity in the community, God-willing.

Dream of Detroit envisions a city amplified by its downtown business and entertainment districts, but anchored in its sustainable neighborhoods; a city where homeownership, small business development and cooperative economics, local food sourcing, and access to education and the arts are priorities of every neighborhood; and a city where compassion and mercy define the relationships of its residents.

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